A little of who we are. Every great merchant of fashion has a great story. We started a clothing brand from a garage with big vision,
high hopes, and a shoe string budget believing in faith to give back where we could.

In early 2013 we had a vision of reaching out to the skating community with a positive and powerful message through our skate/surf/streetwear style. Spreading positive encouragement to teens and anyone else that would hear the message.
We began building our own products, printing our own custom t-shirts, skateboards, decals and would PRAY OVER THEM.

We took local kids to skate competitions and opened a skate shop where we would give young kids a place to come to for refuge.
We had no clue that our clothing would turn into something with such a powerful purpose. As the dream continues and as we evolve,
we believe that our christian clothing will continue to touch peoples lives with a powerful purpose that God has called them too.

79&Lewis is known across the globe for spreading the positive message through their gear, positive designs, and quality clothing.
We try to create our designs off of scriptural influence. For example, we designed all of our hats to come with branding stickers
with the scripture Ephesians 6:17, ' to guard and to protect the mind'.


79&Lewis Athletic Apparel Company has been featured on Christian Skaters Instagram Page,
along with recognition of many Christian rappers and Professional skateboarders.


 We sponsor Semi-Pro Surfer/Skateboarder George Swanepoel from Cape town, South Africa - he also is the model for the campaign.

The brand is constantly working on new designs with quality materials to release each season to keep
each individual in style with a powerful purpose.  

79&Lewis is our Fashion Ministry.

- Luke 7:9 We want to inspire others about our faith like Jesus was marvelled at the faith of the Centurion.